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I am a Game Programmer with a fascination for all aspects of the game development process. Most of my experience is with gameplay programming, but I am always eager to take on new challenges and broaden my skills.


Role: Gameplay Programmer

Engine: Unity

Language: C#

Team Size: 9

Time Frame: 2 Weeks

A relaxing potion brewing game where you combine ingredient to figure out potion recipes and help forest creatures (6).gif

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

Language: C++

Team Size: 10

Time Frame: 4 Weeks

Bonkers is a physics-based multiplayer game in which players battle against each other by attempting to knock their opponents off the map. (17).gif
Skärmbild 2023-01-03 171012.jpg

Role: Gameplay Programmer                  and QA

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Language: C++

Team Size: 14

Time Frame: 7 Weeks

A third person adventure platformer. Using your trusty glider, you must run, jump, and glide your way through the beautiful Tibet landscape. (10).gif
Skärmbild 2022-12-15 194813.jpg

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Engine: Unity

Language: C#

Team Size: 3

Time Frame: 3 days

In this puzzle game, you must overcome enemies and solve a variety of puzzles in order to progress through the levels. (20).gif
Skärmbild 2023-01-04 164915.jpg


I Recently finished my Internship a game programmer at Project 12 AB from May 2023 to December 2023.

During my internship, I have worked in a small team as a generalist programmer with a focus on gameplay, systems, and UI programming. The game is a soon-to-be-released rogue-lite game created in Unity and C#. I have been involved in the entire development process of the game and have gained a wealth of new knowledge in coding and game development.

Some of the areas I have been responsible for include player controller/movement, abilities, and upgrades.

I have acquired a significant amount of experience during this period, and I am really glad I had the opportunity to intern at Project 12 AB.



Hi, I’m Martin! I’m a 24 year old game programmer currently studying at Futuregames in Stockholm, Sweden. Although I’m most experienced in gameplay programming, I’m interested in every step of the development process. During this education I have acquired  a strong foundation of knowledge in various areas of game programming, and I am eager to put my skills to use and tackle new challenges.

bild på mig.jpg


Game Programmer - Futuregames

Stockholm, Sweden

Game Engines - Futuregames

Stockholm, Sweden

Aug 2021 - Dec 2023

Feb 2021 -  Jun 2021

Technical Experience

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